Time Control Retinol Peptide Repair Night Cream 30ml

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Nocturnal skin renewal with retinol-peptide complex, hyaluronic acid and Q10

The effective retinol can develop its maximum anti-aging effect deep in the skin through a modern carrier system. This modern retinol is combined with the skin-renewing peptide compound Matrixyl3000, the moisture specialist hyaluronic acid and cell-protecting Q10. Cell regeneration and collagen production is stimulated, wrinkles and age spots are alleviated. In addition, it helps to refine the pores and corrects a patchy, uneven complexion.

For a fine, even and smooth skin full of radiation.

Content: 30 ml


Apply to cleansed skin once a day in the evening. In combination with the Night Expert Marine Renewal Serum, if required.

Please use the retinol peptide cream only once in the evening and use broad-spectrum sun protection during the day if necessary.