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California Inc. cosmetics, the domestic market remains the stable foundation, where expansion possibilities are far from being exhausted.

Today, there are about 3,000 cosmetic professionals with skincare products in Germany working with être-belle Cosmetics California Inc. skin care products which can also be found in salons, beauty and wellness hotels as well finally here in our California based online-shop.

être-belle  Cosmetics California Inc. offers exclusive cosmetic and spa products including professional treatment systems. The main objective of être-belle Cosmetics California Inc. has always bee to provide both professionals and consumers alike with high-quality, effective and skin-friendly cosmetic products. All products offered on our site contain natural ingredients, in an attractive and environmentally friendly packaging for the best value.

Quality Guaranteed. That's what we stand for.

être-belle Cosmetics California Inc. skin-care cosmetics is characterized by the development of innovative products. The excellent quality of our skin-care products is the result of many years of systematic research development.

All products offered on etrebelle-usa.com comply with all pharmaceutical and food regulatory requirements, and the requirements of the international guidelines for the development and production of cosmetic products.

All offered products do not test on animals and does not engage third-parties to do so.

être-belle Cosmetics California Inc.only offer products complying with the statutory requirements for pharmaceuticals and foods, with CTFA and INCI regulations, and the international guidelines for the development and production of cosmetic products.

être-belle Cosmetics California Inc.

être-usa.com known as être belle Cosmetics California, is the official "exclusive" distributor for être belle cosmetics and skin care products in the United States. Angelika Gross, the owner of être belle Cosmetics California is a professional skin care specialist. She has 15 years of experience working with the parent company être belle cosmetics. Angelika provides distribution and training to other professional aestheticians, spas and salons on the different être bells kin care products and treatments.

NOTE: If you are on the main être belle cosmetics website; www.etre-belle.co/en, please scroll to the bottom of the page under International and click on the North America link. That will take you to the map of the United States. Click on the "eb" in California to find our contact information as the "official exclusive" distributor in the US.