Green Energy Cream

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Light Care Cream with a fruity scent

High quality oils and plant extracts characterize this revitalizing moisturizer. Extracts from papaya, passion flower, grape, pineapple, kiwi and lemon support cell regeneration, protect against negative environmental pollution and have a balancing effect. The skin's own moisture depot is replenished and the complexion appears youthful, fresh and elastic.

Content: 50 ml



Papaya extracts The active ingredients of papaya ensure that the top layer of skin is smoothed so that fine lines or wrinkles are reduced. The enzyme papain can improve skin elasticity and help shed dead skin cells so they can't clog pores. The vitamin C contained in papaya boosts collagen production and can also ensure firmer skin. The complexion can be made more beautiful by the contained vitamins A and E as well as by beta-carotene.

Passion flower activates the skin's moisture balance.

Pineapple helps loosen dead skin cells.

Lemon stabilizes or normalizes the protective acid mantle of the skin and also has mild, astringent properties. It is slightly bleaching in the case of hyperpigmentation and makes the skin appear invigorating and firming at the same time.