ENERGY-Vitamin Skin Care

ENERGY-Vitamin Skin Care

Vitamins are known to be extremely beneficial to the body's overall health, this concept applies to the skin as well. Vitamins protect the skin from being attack by unknown substances such as bacteria and regenerate the skin as well as giving it moisture.

Vitamin A

Is responsible for growing and renewing cells of the epidermis. Vitamin A can prevent wrinkles in older people by stimulating the skin as well as generate UV damage and age spots. Vitamin A also stimulates cell division which allows ages skin layers to renew.

Vitamin C

Is known to be the “all-rounder” in health. It improves and supports micro-proteins as well as collagen in skin tissue. Skin care containing Vitamin C protects the skin to free radicals in the environment and slowly the aging process. Excessive exposure to UV light for example can be a common set up for a faster aging process. Vitamin C catches these aggressive particles and eliminates them from your skin.

Vitamin E

Is made entirely from plants. They protect the skin with with their unsaturated fatty acid oils from oxidation. Vitamin E stabilizes Vitamin A and smooths the skin. Even deep in the skin, Vitamin E plays a huge role in the enzyme activity which also improves the metabolism.


Energy Cleansing milk

Fresh, fruity cleansing milk that will leave your skin feeling ultra soft and clean. Gently cleanses pores and removes any leftover makeup.


Energy Gel-Tonic

A moisturizing tonic that revitalizes the skin and strengthens blood flow through the skin, as well as preparing the skin to hold makeup and other products.