Skin Therapy Pore Refiner Serum

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For smooth, matte and shine-free skin

Pore and complexion refining care serum Immediately after application, active herbal ingredients will lend a smooth, matte and shine-free complexion. Natural ingredients regulate sebum production and ensure optimum oil and moisture balance in the individual facial zones. The skin looks smoothly refined and full of radiance.

For oily skin/ combination skin: apply in the morning and /or evening on the cleansed and toned skin and gently press. Subsequently, apply eye care around the eyes. For mature skin use the serum according to your respective day or night care regimen.


Poreaway. From the resin of the mastic tree (native to Greece). Optimizes the complexion for the oily T-zone and enlarged pores, demonstrably refines pores, optimizes the production of sebum and mattifies es the skin.

Epidermist. Idealises the complexion. Active skin perfecting ingredient made from plankton. Smooths skin texture, reduces pore size, improves cell renewal and stimulates hyaluronan synthesis.

Commipheroline. Anti-aging ingredient from the guggul tree (Indian myrrh). Fills in and pads wrinkles in a natural way. Perilla oil. Asian powerhouse with high omega-3 content. Rich in vitamins A & C, supports the intact hydrolipid mantle and keeps the skin surface supple.