Purity Intense Face Care Set

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The all-round set for clear, deep pore-clean skin

Effective, innovative care set for the daily care of impure, oily and acne-stressed skin. For a radiant complexion and effective and visible improvement of the skin. 
The care set includes the cleansing gel, refreshing gel tonic and 24h facial care. You will receive the skin-clarifying gel free of charge


Purity Intense Pure Cleansing Gel: A gentle yet thorough cleansing gel that contains moisturising glycerine and panthenol and purifies the skin without drying it out. Contains salicylic acid which has an antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory action and helps soothe irritated areas of problem, oily and combination skin.

Purity Intense Refreshing Toning Gel: A Refreshing Toning Gel containing an extremely effective antimicrobial zinc compound as well as moisturising panthenol. Also contains witch hazel which refines the pores, and allantoin which soothes red, irritated skin. Gentle cooling effect. 

Purity Intense 24-Hour Facial Care Cream: The light, mattifying and moisturising texture of Purity Intense 24-Hour Facial Care Cream has an antibacterial action and its active ingredients combine effectively with salicylic acid and zinc to help your skin to return to normal. Contains sebum-regulating, keratolytic active ingredients that reduce skin impurities and help calm inflammation. 

Purity Intense Purifying Gel: The Gelee Purifiante is a gel with purifying result. Concentrated active substances normalize the sebaceous and fat production, without drying up the skin. Application:Purity Intense Pure Cleansing Gel:
Wet your face and apply daily mornings and nights, working a generous lather and massaging into your skin. Then rinse thoroughly with plenty of water. This Cleansing Gel is also ideal for removing make-up. 

Purity Intense Refreshing Toning Gel:
Wet your face and apply daily mornings and nights, massaging it into your skin gently, 
then leave it to penetrate for a short while. For best results, apply as a final treatment after Purity Intense Pure Cleansing Gel.

Purity Intense 24-Hour Facial Care Cream:
Mornings and nights, after cleansing with Purity Intense Cleansing Gel and Refreshing Toning Gel, apply to your face and massage in gently. Particularly suitable for problem, oily and irritated skin. This cream is also an ideal make-up foundation.

Purity Intense Purifying Gel:
Apply it several times a day.