hyaluronic³ Face Care Set

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Luxuriously formulated skin care products with the threefold combination of hyaluronic acid for visible results
with an immediate and long-lasting lifting effect.
The set composed of:
Hyaluronic³ Day & Night Serum
This tribly active care serum with hyaluronic acid and  Quicklift™ has a plumping and smoothing effect. In an intelligent multi-stage system hyaluronic acid replenishes the skin´s own moisture depots.
Hyaluronic³ Day & Night Cream
An intensively hydrating cream for the day and night. Triply active hyaluronic acid complexes are at work in an intelligent multi-stage system providing staggered release of hyaluronic acid in the various layers of the upper epidermis.
1 x Quicklift Day & Night Serum, 30 ml 
1 x Quicklift Day & Night Cream, 50 ml