Energy Plus Cream A+E+C

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Rich cream for dry, mature skin

The incorporated vitamin complex supports protection against free radicals, activates cell renewal and vitamin A also smooths the skin's texture. The natural moisture factor takes away the feeling of tension in the skin and the complexion is soft and supple. The light protection filter 10 contained also protects light-colored, light-sensitive skin from premature, light-induced skin aging.

Content: 50 m



Vitamin A.Promotes the growth and renewal processes of our epidermal cells and thus the maintenance of the skin barrier. Vitamin A in cosmetics can prevent wrinkles and reduce damage caused by premature aging by stimulating skin renewal, regenerating UV-damaged skin, reducing age spots and improving natural skin functions. It stimulates cell division, which means that the aging skin layers renew themselves more quickly.

Vitamin E.Or tocopherol is only produced by plants. These protect your oils, which are mostly rich in unsaturated fatty acids, from oxidation. Vitamin E stabilizes vitamin A and ensures smoother skin by improving its surface texture. Your ability to retain moisture increases. In the deeper layers of the skin, it promotes enzyme activity and thus the metabolism. Particularly suitable for sun-stressed skin as it prevents premature, light-induced skin aging. Of course, vitamins do not replace sun protection filters, but are always to be understood as an additional measure.

Vitamin C.Vitamin C is considered an all-rounder. It improves the synthesis of microproteins and collagen in tissues. Vitamin C in skin care products protects the skin from cell-damaging free radicals - aggressive groups of molecules that accelerate the aging process. These can arise, for example, when sunlight penetrates the skin. Vitamin C catches these aggressive particles on the skin and defuses them. Vitamin E is also a radical catcher. The combination of these two substances that have a similar effect is interesting because vitamin C can restore vitamin E to its protective function.