Tiny but Mighty: The Big Impact of Tiny Ampoules

Tiny but Mighty: The Big Impact of Tiny Ampoules

Tiny but Mighty: The Big Impact of Tiny Ampoules

When you want to pack an extra punch, ampoules are the perfect addition to your skincare routine for a total skin reset. Ampoules are used to target specific skin concerns, such as dull, acne-prone, or aging skin.

They are best used for a two-week or sometimes month-long intensive program to rebalance or renew tired skin. Typically they have extremely high concentrations (90 to 100%) of botanical extracts or other active ingredients.

What is a skincare ampoule?

Ampoules are little glass vials of concentrated serums divvied out into daily doses. Skin ampoules are also known as serums in ampoules. Ampoule describes the sealed glass packing that contains the concentrated serum.

Ampoules are most effective when they are kept stable and out of contact with the air around it, avoiding oxidation. That is why they are designed to be opened only once, ensuring that the serum inside remains untouched by external elements.

This also means the serum formulas can forgo the emulsifiers or stabilizers that larger serum formats often require, leading to purer, more effective ingredients. Essentially, ampoules are like shots of concentrated skincare goodness, delivering straightforward results precisely when needed. Ampoules’ portion control keeps people from wasting potent ingredients or getting skin irritation and chemical burns by using too much product.

If you’re the kind of person who loves trying out new things, Être Belle ampoules deliver significant skincare benefits, proving that sometimes, less truly is more. Experience the transformative power of Être Belle ampoules for yourself.



Cell protection with a dual effect against environmental stress! Purisoft ™, a phytoactive substance with anit-stress properties, lays a natural protective film over the environment responsible for premature skin aging. It cleanses the skin of pollutants on both the surface and at the cellular level. The natural anti-pollution shield in the daily battle against skin aging.


Highly developed argan stem cells have the potential to restore all the skin functions of youthful skin. This exclusive active substance protects and vitalises dermal stem cells and enables profound skin rejuvenation and minimisation of wrinkles. The skin regains its youthful firmness and radiant appearance.

Antiseptic ampoules for blemished skin. This Antibacterial liquorice root herb concentrate is for intensive treatment of blemished skin. The protective acid mantle of the problem skin is normalized. At the same time, witch hazel extract refines the pores, while allantoin soothes the skin and reduces redness and irritation.

Anit-Wrinkle Lifting! Effective smoothing of wrinkles with a highly concentrated lifting cocktail mixed with Syn®-Ake, Argireline® and cell-protecting Q10. Relaxation of the facial muscles significantly reduces mimicry wrinkles and has a lifting effect.
Improved tonicity for firmer facial features. Skin-plumping collagen and elastin lodge themselves in the surface structure of the skin, instantly leaving skin texture smoother and younger in appearance. Stimulates synthesis of collagen and elastin and boosts the skin's own ability to repair damage to its fibre structure.
A hyaluron filler vial for immediate and sustained wrinkle reduction. With a low molecular weight and liposomal encapsulated hyaluronic acid and two active hyaluronic acid boosters. Deep reviltalization of the skin's own production of hyaluronic acid and it can reduce wrinkles from the inside by filling and smoothing them.