The New Stem Cell Technology

The New Stem Cell Technology

Our skin forms the most extensive tissue in the human body. It is, for this reason, we should never take the health and nature of our skin lightly. For those skin care enthusiast, they appreciate the latest skincare breakthrough. So what is the new skincare discovery?

Recent scientific findings have shown the great importance of stem cells in the human body. So what are stem cells? The term may sound new to some, but stem cells are very special cells found in every human body tissues. They are small in number and can also be found in our skin. Adult stem cells can be found in the epidermis, the outmost layer of the skin. Stems cells located on the outmost layer of the skin are referred to as epidermal stem skins. Apart from the epidermis, stem cells can also be found in the basal layer of the skin. The skin cells are different from other cells, and the can divide and form new healthy cells. Constant division of the stem cells helps to heal and rejuvenate the epidermis.

skinvision etrebelle by myskinandme

Etre Belle has introduced the Skin Vision which incorporates the use of Stem Cells Technology which will help in the subdivision of stem cells. Also, it will help to increase their life spam by protecting the skin stem cells. The new Skin Vision formulation comes with new active peptides which assist in protection and growth of the stem cells. These active peptides include;

  • Platinum MatriXem Si02
  • Eyeseryl
  • Serilesine

Apart from the unique and dynamic peptides, the new formulation comes with Gatuline Expression. Gatuline Expression is a natural botox equivalent. It comes from the indigenous Paracress plant from Brazil. The Paracress contains components which help the reduce skin wrinkle by relaxing the muscles

So the next time you are looking for skin formula which will help you look younger, ask for the Etre Belle Skin Vision. With 59% wrinkle reduction and 97%, skin firmness you are assured to be blown by the fantastic results from the formula.