Skin as smooth as silk

Skin as smooth as silk

Sensiplus Wraps your skin in Silk

Silk contains so called silk fibrones that mimic certain proteins that construct the human skin, which makes these fibrones very skin-friendly. Silk molecules have a sponge like function where they can save 300 times the moisture of their weight, which allows these molecules to be ideal for dry and sensitive skin, along with the silk proteins being very easy to apply and absorb on the skin, the silk active ingredient also protects against UV- radiation.

Protecting your sensitive skin

Sensitive skin requires regulated and gentle cosmetic. In most cases, hypersensitivity occurs through the organism being unable to compensate and control overload of many ingredients as well as;

  • Stress
  • Unbalanced Diet
  • Hormone imbalance

This type of skin will react to any form of stimulus or impulses and is known as hypersensitivity, due to the nervous high tension in the skin.

Sensiplus+ Hydrasilk Mask;

Calming, balancing and moisturizing care mask including; Silk proteins that soothe the extract of the plant. Hydrasilk mask alleviates redness, feeling of tension as well as stressed and irritated skin. Sensiplus Hydrasilk Mask also strengthens the natural protection mechanism of the skin, enhances skin elasticity and smoothes out fine wrinkles. All without mineral oils or dyes.