Peptide: An anti-aging hack in your skin-care routine

Peptide: An anti-aging hack in your skin-care routine

Peptides are best known for stimulating skin repair and inhibiting the signs of aging in skin-care products.  Peptides help to increase the production of collagen and elastin, and support a healthy skin barrier; some even have a mild Botox-like effect that will relax muscles and treat fine lines.

In a 2019 clinical study, “Anti-Wrinkle Benefits of Peptides Complex Stimulating Skin Basement Membrane Proteins Expression,” was performed on 22 healthy female volunteers older than 40 years. In two weeks, the peptide complex used showed significant improvements in skin wrinkles in the face and neck. Independent studies like this demonstrate how peptides can improve the appearance of puffy eyes, improve skin firmness and lighten up dark spots. 


What are Peptides

Peptides are small amino acid chains that are the building blocks of proteins, and look like strands of collagen.

These are the proteins that keep skin looking youthful. In skin-care products, peptides can mimic the protein sequences in collagen and elastin and stimulate production.

They also act as chemical messengers and have the ability to go into cells and can repair tissues and cells at a cellular level. This self-healing mechanism is why peptides are know for their anti-aging benefits.


Quality Matters

Lots of anti-aging formulas are packed with peptides. Peptides’ cell signaling helps to  repair or restructure and stimulate collagen production. It sends a signal to the body to stimulate collagen production. To be effective, it’s important your skin care product use ingredients that help the peptides absorb easily into the skin. It's most important to use products that have long-lasting contact on the skin because it allows the peptides enough time to do their job.


Benefits of Peptides

Peptides are the workhorses of your skincare routine. They help to repair, renew and strengthen both collagen and elasticity.

  • Stimulate collagen and elastin
  • Hydrate, firm and plump skin
  • Improve skin tone
  • Repair photodamaged skin
  • Reduce fine lines and wrinkles
  • Help lighten dark circles under eyes

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