Être-Belle purewhite Pearl Concentrate - phase 3B

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Concentrate with 3-fold effect: Neutralizes the skin after the Pearl Fruit Peeling, is used for targeted treatment of pigmentation and is recommended as a serum for daily use. Supports the regeneration process, provides valuable moisture, and makes your complexion glow.
Caution, avoid eye area!

Apply morning and evening on your toned or ex foliated face. To provide intensive treatment, put the concentrate on the pigmented spots. The concentrate is absorbed without leaving any residue. Then use Pearl Day Cream or Pearl Night Cream.
CellActive White 
CellActive White works on two levels. Watercress extract and complexed zinc block the tyrosinase, the key enzyme for melanin formation. Vitamin B3 and the Essential Cell Boost-Factor influence the transport of melanin. Vitamin B3 thereby inhibits the distribution of melanin in the keratinocytes. The Essential Cell Boost-Factor promotes the formation of proteins that contribute to an equal pigment dispersion in the skin.

Vitamin C derivative 
Vitamins are essential for the body; this is very similar in cosmetics. Since vitamin C is not stable enough, a derivative with a slightly modified structure is created to absorb the most important substances. Vitamin C penetrates the skin, is stored in the skin cells and strengthens the skin from the inside. Vitamin C is also known for strengthening the vascular system, immune stimulation and for UV protection.

The extract of black oats with a high content of polysaccharides forms a film of moisture on the skin. The active ingredients of black oat enhance the natural moisture factor and the water reserves of the epidermis. Vegetable lecithin from soybeans stabilises the matrix, thus reducing water loss of the skin.