Être-Belle Energy C Ampulle

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14 day intensive ampoule treatment with pure Vitamin C and ROYAL JELLY.

Vitamin C is known for its extraordinary therapeutic properties.Vitamin C has the best effect and the most active energy in its pure form.Energy C accelerates the cell activity, stimulates the micro-fine blood circulation in the epidermis capillaries and strengthen the skin by increasing the collagen fibers.Energy C is stimulating and refreshing and it actively protects the skin against free radicals and harmful environmental effects.Energy C improves the ski´s vigour. Makes the skin smooth and gives it a glowing appearance. 


Apply daily. Dissolve the pure vitamin C in the serum, massage in lightly until absorbed. It is then recommended to apply the Energy C Cream. Suitable for all skin types. Energy C Ampoule pack provides facial treatment for 7 days per ampoule.